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Visit Winchester Motosports on FacebookAlright boys and girls.. Here we go!  Carl and Dana have finally stepped out into social media. Winchester Motosports now has its own Facebook page. Oh my! If you know us at all you know this is a major adventure. We are not really the social media type. Those of you who are more media savvy  than the two of us already appreciate one of the concepts of Facebook is to share pictures, thoughts, whatever… It has been kind of fun looking back over the pictures we have collected and the wonderful bikes we’ve seen over the years and choosing what we would like to share on our page.

From a business standpoint it gives us one more opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate all the friends we’ve made. But as always, your opinions are important to us, so please visit our Facebook page, give us a “like” (I’m told that is very important), and feel free to make all the comments you want. It has always been important to us for the customer / shop relationship to be a conversation and we do pay attention to what you tell us.   We are excited to hear your ideas and thoughts about our new adventure.  So give it a look see and let us know.

I'm Just Sayin'...

There was a huge discussion in our shop recently about a TV show called “Sons of Anarchy”. It is no longer on the air, but thanks to Netflix I decided to check it out. If you have never seen it, it is the story of a Harley motorcycle club in California and the lifestyle that goes with it. After watching the first episode, I realized I was totally engrossed, but also looking at our sport in a different way.

After you get past the drama and violence that is today’s TV viewing, there are similarities that all of us in this sport share. Motorcycles are really a community, a family of riders, whether you call yourself a club member, a commuter, an enthusiast, or any of the other labels we give ourselves. It is thrilling to see a large group of riders in formation, regardless of brand, but it is also cool when you are riding alone and get a thumb’s up from the guy on his bike coming toward you in the opposite lane. It is the acknowledgement that you are sharing an experience for that moment is yours alone.

There are a lot of those special moments in this sport. There is also a camaraderie that is unique to bikers. There is a reason we all call each other brother. I’m just sayin’…